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Real estate entrepreneurs travel a lot, attend exciting events, visit special locations, and always meet
many interesting people – worldwide. And the fascinating stories of those people are often worth
sharing. This is why we visit locations around the globe for you. Trendy locations. Locations that
We want to delve into each respective location, take a look around, and keep an eye and an ear out
for everything our readers are interested in. After all: locations without people are nothing but
empty spaces.

And we’ve made it our mission to fill them with life for you – much in the same way in which we as
an up-market international real estate company look for and find ideal spaces for people every day.
This is why ON LOCATION offers room for more! Please write to us if you’d like to learn more or, even
better, if you’d like us to learn more.

We look forward to “meeting” you!

Mehrdad Bonakdar & Sven Binnewies
KENSINGTON Publishing & Media GmbH


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