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“Lady Moura” –Famous luxury yacht changes hands

Lady Moura – Famous luxury yacht changes hands

The world’s largest super yachts are a status symbol

„Lady Moura“ – a superlative giga-yacht

They are a status symbol of the rich and beautiful and often cost several hundred million dollars. Trade journalists have reserved the name “giga-yacht” for the largest yachts in the world, which are over a hundred metres long. Often, they do not fit into any harbour and have to anchor in front of it. The dimensions of these floating luxury objects are usually reminiscent of cruise ships, and when they are sold, it is usually from one billionaire to another.

The Century Yacht “Lady Moura”
Probably one of the most famous mega-yachts in the world was completed in 1990 by the German shipyard Blohm + Voss. When she was built, she was considered the ninth largest private yacht in the world. Now she is said to be 48th on the list. The construction of “Lady Moura” is said to have cost around $250 million (€213 million) when she was completed in the late 1980s. The superyacht is powered by two DEUTZ 6868 HP engines, and each has 5,121 kW of power and controllable pitch propellers. Despite her size, the “Lady Moura” can reach a cruising speed of 17 knots.
A world sensation when launched, a sophisticated hydraulic system opens and closes a multitude of doors, flaps, retractable roofs or walls and cranes. Whether dinghies and lifeboats or the anchor, these are hidden behind panels to avoid impairing the aesthetics of the yacht. “Lady Moura” is considered by many connoisseurs to be the epitome of a giga-yacht. Since her launch, she was owned by the Saudi Arabian billionaire Nasser al-Raschid for 31 years. The once 250-million-dollar luxury object has now changed hands for $125 million.

The new owner is a Mexican billionaire
The “Lady Moura” is now said to have gone to a new owner for $125 million. Some sources name the Mexican multi-billionaire Alberto Bailleres. The 89-year-old father of seven makes his money from the largest and most productive silver mines in the world. According to Forbes, his fortune is estimated at €9.3 billion. His mines are said to produce 25 tonnes of gold and 25 000 tonnes of silver per year. It should not have been difficult for the billionaire to meet the asking price for the “Lady Moura”. However, OnLocation knows from a reliable source that actually this billionaire did not buy the giga-yacht “Lady Moura”.

The „Mou“ in the name of the Giga-Yacht stands for Mouna Ayoub

The new owner of the “Lady Moura” is actually the billionaire Ricardo Benjamín Salinas Pliego, also from Mexico, who with his Grupo Salinas group of companies has holdings in telecommunications, media, financial services and retail. Mexico’s third richest man recently made headlines because he reaffirmed his support for Bitcoin and announced his intention to open the first bank in the country to accept Bitcoin.

The sale of the “Lady Moura” sets a record in the brokerage world. The brokers Camper & Nicholsons were able to find a new owner in only 554 days. This represents the fastest known brokerage sale of a vessel over 100 metres in the last 10 years. What persuaded the new owner to put the $125 million on the table for the “Lady Moura” is likely to be the lavish and luxurious fittings, the design and the golden lettering.

Juan Carlos and George Bush landed on the helipad

The name of the Giga-Yacht “Lady Moura“
The name “Lady Moura” has a special meaning. The “Mou” stands for Mouna Ayoub, one of the most dazzling figures of the jet-set and now ex-wife of the billionaire, Nasser al-Raschid. The “ra” comes from the billionare’s surname. Mouna Ayoub is one of the most colourful women in the middle east. It is said that she has spent $150 million on jewellery, and her annual clothing budget is said to be $3 million. And her fortune is believed to be several hundred million dollars. The woman who looks 40 is actually over 60 years old.

Possibly the richest woman in the middle east, she grew up in Kuwait as the child of Lebanese parents, attended a Jesuit boarding school, and had to move to France because of the civil war. She met her future husband, the Saudi Prince Nasser al-Raschid, while working in a restaurant in Paris. At the age of 19, she married him, moved to Riyadh and converted to Islam. But as an Islamic woman at the side of a prince, the palace became a prison, and divorce followed in 1996. What remains of the great love of his life for the billionaire is the name of the giga-yacht “Lady Moura”.

Each letter of the lettering „Lady Moura“ is covered with 24-carat gold

Features and design of the “Lady Moura“
“Lady Moura” is often referred to as the world’s first mega-yacht. The iconic ship, which the experts define as a giga-yacht, has seven decks, one of which is dedicated to family life. In addition to the luxurious owner’s suite, there are 13 cabins used exclusively by family members and guests. This area alone covers 2,600 square metres. Italian designer and architect Luigi Sturchio created the entire interior on the super yacht. The mega yacht has total accommodation capacity for 72 crew members and 26 guests.

In addition, the “Lady Moura” offers a floating luxury village with bakery, cinema. disco, medical clinic and an indoor pool with adjoining spa. Furthermore, there are hatches in the hull for motorboats or jet skis. Even former King of Spain Juan Carlos and former President George Bush are said to have landed on the yacht’s helicopter pad. The really special highlights of this mega-yacht, however, are the unusually long dining table (24 metres) and the lettering “Lady Moura” on the hull – each letter is covered in 24-carat gold and is said to cost a proud €12,000. If you would like to see the giga-yacht, it is usually moored either in Monaco or Palma de Mallorca.

The Italian designer and architect Luigi Sturchio created the entire interior