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Glamping In a Motorhome

Luxury camping is all the rage – worldwide! Known as “glamping” (short for “glamourous camping”), this form of camping combines the luxury of accommodation with the special charm of an outdoor holiday in nature.

By Andrea Mauch

eleMMent Palazzo by Marchi Mobile, exterior view

As a relatively new form of travel originating in the USA, glamping is becoming increasingly popular – whether in Germany, Italy, Croatia, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Slovenia or Switzerland, in Canada, Australia or the USA, in Thailand, Morocco, Bali, the Maldives or India. From unusual hotels such as tree houses or stargazing bubbles, to spacious, comfortably furnished tents and extensively furnished motor homes and caravans, often with designer furniture – glamping options are now almost limitless. While you can comfortably book into glamping hotels or tents, a luxury motorhome or glamping caravan can either be rented or alternatively bought directly. Those who

decide to buy are spoilt for choice, because the range of models in the luxury segment (starting at 100,000 euros) is huge and far more varied than the selection here. Therefore, here’s a small, refined selection of these – from noveltie models from well-known brands to luxury tailor-made models, to all-time favourites…

Action Mobil
The almost 10-metre-long expedition vehicle „Global XRS 7400 Leopard“ from the Austrian manufacturer Action Mobil is a luxury all-wheel-drive vehicle for stalking in the outback with a height of almost 3.80 metres. Based on the 6×6 chassis of a MAN TGS, this expedition vehicle is particularly ideal for off-road situations and true nature adventurers. Thanks to the short wheelbase, this three-axle vehicle is very manoeuvrable for its dimensions and offers the option of attaching a two-wheeler to the rear via a motorbike lift. The „Global XRS 7400“ is available from €950,000, the „Leopard“ version from €1.11 million.

Action Mobil Global XRS 7400 Leopard, exterior view
Action Mobil Global XRS 7400 Leopard, interior

These are cult caravans that have been manufactured in the USA since 1931 and have been available as official European products from “Airstream Germany” since 2006. Affectionately called silver “Easter eggs”, the extraordinary design has been maintained over the years, while the models are continuously optimised and brought up to speed with the latest state-of-the-art features. The newest model is the “Airstream International 25 IB” – a modern caravan with a length of 8.25 metres for two to four people including a comfortable island bed, available from 104,590 Euros plus transfer costs. www.airstream-germany.de

Airstream International 25, exterior view
Airstream International 25, Lounge
Concorde Liner 2021, exterior view
Concorde Liner 2021, interior

A 40-year success story: Concorde is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury motorhomes in Germany. Inside the new, approximately 10-metre-long “Liner 990 GI”, for example, high-end equipment and maximum use of space are optimally combined and customers have a choice of three different floor plans. Alternatively, they can also choose their own individual room layout. The Jatoba Brilliant furniture coating, yacht-style flooring and the very spacious bedroom are particularly striking in this model, which is available from 354,950 euros.

New on the motorhome market is the „Dembell“. With the slogan „Gentlemen on the Road“, Dembell has set itself the goal of creating a comfortable motorhome with smart solutions and easy-to-use equipment. The resulting luxury liner series based on the Mercedes Actros is now available in three versions, S, M and L – from a garage for two-wheelers and one for a small car to storage space for a car up to 4 metres long. In addition to the elegant exterior, the interior is also a real eye-catcher With a yacht-style design, it has plenty of space and is furnished with natural materials with a Italian design. A ceramic bathroom with rain shower, a high-quality entertainment system, air conditioning and underfloor heating round off the comfortably furnished interior. The base price for this motorhome is €990,000.

Dembell Reisemobil, exterior view
Dembell Reisemobil, interior

Luxurious camping is also possible in models from the manufacturer HYMER from Upper Swabia. The exclusive “HYMER B-Class MasterLine I” offers space for 4 to 5 people, has a length from 7.89 metres and was awarded the German Design Award in 2020. In addition to the elegant, award-winning design with a fresh lighting concept, the new HYMER Connect App is particularly noteworthy. This creates a digital control system and turns the model, which is available from € 112,990, into a future-oriented, smart motorhome.

STX 3 Pop Out, exterior view

Marchi Mobile
According to manufacturer Marchi Mobile, the eleMMent Palazzo Superior is “currently recognised as the most luxurious and outstanding motorhome in over 190 countries”. With 68 square metres of space, twelve metres in length, six metres in height including a roof terrace and five metres in width with slide-outs, this model is a travelling home. Exceptional features include the spa area with sensory rain shower, multimedia room with a designer audio system, as well as ambient lighting and a sky lounge with sun roof. This model is available for around 2.5 million euros with up to 600 hp.

Stephex Group
With the „STX 3 Pop Out“, the Belgian Stephex Group also offers a motorhome overflowing with superlatives. Built on the well-known Mercedes Actros frame and inspired by the design of exclusive yachts on the inside, the model offers six berths and three slide-outs. The 12-metre-long, 510-hp motorhome is always customised to the individual wishes of the customer. Prices are only available on request.

VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum, exterior view

“Totally tuned to exclusivity”: That is the credo of VARIOmobil. Customers have absolute freedom of planning in terms of design, equipment and floor plan, which in the case of the luxury liner “VARIO Perfect 1200 Platinum” is based on a three bedroom space with three slide-outs to enlarge the living space, bedroom and kitchen. The spacious rear garage offers room for parking a sports car. By opting for this model, prospective buyers receive a unique motorhome tailored to their own wishes from 881,020 euros.

The Wuppertal-based motorhome manufacturer “Volkner Mobil” has a wide range of vehicles and is best known for its “Performance” model, which allows a car or sports car to be brought along thanks to its internal garage. Another characteristic feature is the optional slide-out, which allows the 12-metre-long motorhome to be noticeably extended. While the „Performance“ is available from €1.35 million, the price of the „Performance S“ starts at €2.035 million. The exquisite equipment includes „BrilliantDark“ furniture with hand-veneered Makassar wood as well as a specially designed music system. Thanks to the lithium-ion batteries, an 8-kW diesel generator and a 2-kW photovoltaic system, this motorhome has outstanding self-sufficiency. For the complete package, i.e. including the 1,500 hp Bugatti Chiron, the total price can reach €6.5 million.

Volkner Performance, exterior view

Conclusion: Tailor-made & limitless
Whether you go for a tailor-made design or a standard model: luxury motorhomes and caravans offer something to suit every taste. When it comes to tailor-made features, there are very few limits to the imagination with regards to floor plan, design and equipment – aside from the price bracket. This has been shown in unique pieces that have so far been made exclusively for trade fairs, such as the luxury “Elysium” liner from American manufacturer “Furrion”, which specialises in luxurious technical solutions for vehicles. With a helicopter landing pad, rooftop jacuzzi and many other luxury elements, the value of this presentation model is estimated at around 2.5 million.

Advice: In addition to campsites offering glamping, there are now also glamping sites that specialise in this luxurious form of camping. “Normal” campsites with glamping facilities usually have a separate area for this, away from the rest of the campsite. On one hand, glampers enjoy a special, elite status on the site – often with a top location directly by the sea or pool – and on the other hand they will still find themselves among like-minded people.