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Tina Lüngen – The woman behind KENSINGTON ART

By Philipp Lüngen, Fotos By Philipp Lüngen, Tina Lüngen, Guido Werner, snapshotz.de

The motif „Blue Belief“ is a work by the German artist Patricia Casagranda, whose works have already been exhibited in the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and China.

At the end of 2019, the property company KENSINGTON, expanded its portfolio to include another very creative division. With KESINGTON ART, the company brought together what belongs together: First-class property and unique art!

The trigger for this start-up was a meeting between company founder Mehrdad Bonakdar and Tina Lüngen at a KENSINGTON vernissage in Puerto de Andratx on Mallorca. Two imaginative, creative and motivated minds who dared to do things and found each other. And so, this meeting was the trigger for the new division within the KENSINGTON family.

KENSINGTON Art Managing Director Tina Lüngen with her artist colleagues STALE Amsterdam, Alberte Gils and Robert Hettich (from left).

“I had had this theme in my head for a long time, and as is so often the case, I let things come to me and knew that at some point the right person would come to KENSINGTON for the art project”, says Mehrdad Bonakdar. In the meantime, KENSINGTON ART has collaboration agreements with more than 27 artists and can draw on a portfolio of more than 175 artworks of various styles and price ranges.

As a result, KENSINGTON ART does not offer a large and clear platform to buy art just to art lovers but also investors and newcomers.
Through collaborations like the exclusive partnership with the Steigenberger Hotel Group, in which other renowned art companies were in the running, top international exhibitions are held at various locations around the world.

“Of course, the pandemic also affected our work. Nevertheless, we were very creative and really made a difference. I don’t even want to imagine what we will have to face when the restrictions end at some point. Just the thought of it overwhelms me”, says Tina Lüngen, looking forward to the future.

STALE Amsterdam, an up-and-coming artist living in Amsterdam, loves to throw paint around. Through this dripping technique, he creates impressive works, such as this motif of Marilyn Monroe.
The German artist Ben Buechner has long been a household name among art lovers and collectors and he also presents his works, such as this one entitled „Kellogs“, via KENSINGTON Art.

But who is behind KENSINGTON ART?

As if nothing had been left to chance, the co-founder & managing director is not only experienced in distribution but also a successful artist herself.
Tina Lüngen from Erfurt has been steering the fortunes of KENSINGTON ART since the end of 2019, planning and conducting vernissages and finissages and expanding the company’s portfolio to include other exciting artists, both with well-known names such as Ben Buechner, Alexander Höller, Mel Ramos, Hans E. Deutsch, STALE Amsterdam, as well as newcomers and young artists with potential.
Also included are artists such as Sebastian Merk, Patrizia Casagranda, Kobransky, Andreas Görzen and many more.

And Tina Lüngen herself?

Under the artist’s name Tina Reichel, the ambitious businesswoman was able to turn her love and hobby into a profession many years ago and brings her creativity, passion and entrepreneurial experience to the young company.
She visits customers personally and is on site herself until the last nail on the wall, until the last picture is 100% aligned. “This is my passion. When I get called to these great properties, see these white walls and look into these beaming eyes of the customers afterwards, then I’m just happy”, says Tina Lüngen, describing an important part of her project.
Tina Lüngen, alias Tina Reichel, can look back on exhibitions in Berlin, Moscow, Dubai, Düsseldorf, on Mallorca, in her hometown Erfurt and many other cities.
In Erfurt, she even succeeded in staging the first ever modern art exhibition in the historic Erfurt Cathedral, an accolade and emotional experience for a young woman who goes her own way so purposefully.

Tina Lüngen is a successful artist under the name Tina Reichel. Not only do her paintings go around the globe but also her COCOONS (sculptures) arouse great interest among art collectors and enthusiasts.

Achieving great goals has always been a characteristic trait of Tina Lüngen, whether with her own art or with her area of responsibility within KENSINGTON ART.
“With KENSINGTON ART, I can now bring my experience within the art industry and my sales expertise to a young company and guide it towards further growth, whether that be in our Art Store, which is currently being developed, exhibitions at top locations or the furnishing of individual properties in collaboration with interior designers. As an art lover, you can’t wish for anything better”, claims Tina Lüngen.
Currently, works of art from KENSINGTON ART can be seen in the Steigenberger Hotels in Frankfurt, on Usedom and in Davos. Further exhibitions in Germany on Mallorca, Dubai and in Switzerland are also being planned.