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Success made in Berlin

Looking for your dream property in trendy Berlin? Planning to sell a property here and need the help of an estate agent? Or are you looking for a stable return on your property investments?

By Andrea Mauch

As a high-quality broker with over 20 years of experience, KENSINGTON Finest Properties International can provide expert support at its three locations in Berlin – Southeast, Southwest and Central/North with a total of nine branches in Germany’s capital. This is a huge relief for buyers, sellers and investors alike in view of the immense range of properties on offer in Germany’s capital, which is characterised by the contrasts between historic buildings and contemporary architecture.

A look behind the scenes
What is special about KENSINGTON Berlin, how the nine locations work together and the factors that contribute to the joint success story reported by franchisees Franklin Karré (Berlin Southeast), Sven Rhein (Berlin Southwest) and Andreas Wittig (Berlin Mitte/North) in an interview with ON LOCATION.

ON LOCATION: What do you think is so special about KENSINGTON and KENSINGTON Berlin?
Franklin Karré: KENSINGTON is something very special for me. After five years, I can say that there is great harmony and cooperation between colleagues and there is no antagonism, which I have experienced in other companies. Particularly in the Berlin area, we have a common goal: to move forward with the highest possible professionalism. Our credo is that everyone should benefit from everyone else.
Sven Rhein: The close cooperation of the licence partners is something special, as is the fact that we, as licence partners, have entrepreneurial freedom and room to manoeuvre. This was the decisive reason that I signed the licence partner agreement. It is also worth emphasising the rapid expansion and further development of KENSINGTON Germany. It is very helpful for all licence partners, as the visibility and positive perception is constantly growing. The collaboration especially between us Berlin licence partners is particularly special. We have regular meetings, constantly coordinate our activities and support each other in word and deed.

Franklin Karré


Berlin Southeast
Bertolt-Brecht-Allee 1a
12529 Schönefeld
4 Showrooms: Biedorf, Schönefeld,
Wildau & Köpenick
9 Employees + looking for more
Properties: several single-family houses, condominiums + new construction projects

Andreas Wittig: In order to meet the national and international marketing requirements of existing properties, new construction projects and commercial properties, KENSINGTON provides a global network with over 20 years of expertise, and a worldwide uniform CI underpins the global brand.

How did KENSINGTON Berlin come to be divided into the three locations, to what extent do you work together across locations and what advantages do you draw from this?
Franklin Karré: When the CEO, Mehrdad Bonakdar, contacted me in 2016 with an offer regarding KENSINGTON Finest Properties, we agreed that I should build up the Berlin market and split it up. Ultimately, this resulted in the Central/North, Southwest and Southeast locations. I really enjoy working with the franchise partners Sven Rhein and Andreas Wittig. They both come from my circle of friends and have since become successful franchise partners for KENSINGTON. The great advantage of the three of us working together is that we see ourselves as partners, meet regularly, coordinate our activities and trust and respect each other. Each of us can benefit from the other. Sven Rhein: Another advantage of us collaborating is that we only make a mistake once. We constantly exchange information about entrepreneurial changes and experiences, such as successful marketing campaigns or staff motivation.

Sven Rhein


Berlin Southwest
Zehlendorfer Straße 21
14513 Teltow
Districts: Hotspot districts Wannsee, Dahlem, Charlottenburg – Kudamm, Wilmersdorf, Westend, Spandau, Kladow, Gatow, etc
2 Showrooms: Teltow, one of the fastest growing cities in Germany + New showroom opening in Wilmersdorf in September 2021
3 employees
Properties: 25 – 30 properties

ON LOCATION: The success is visible – KENSINGTON operates internationally and is growing steadily, and your location in Berlin has contributed towards this. What (personal) success would you like to mention?
Andreas Wittig: To attract attention and boost sales, we create a tailor-made digital marketing concept which leads to successful notarisations, especially for our premium properties. Our owners appreciate our international network, flexibility and professionalism. To ensure that all of our processes are legally compliant, our property experts receive regular training through our KENSINGTON Academy.
Sven Rhein: The great commitment and support I received from Franklin Karré when I started at KENSINGTON and thus entered the brokerage business. I completed a trainee programme with him and got to know and understand the business without having to make rookie mistakes. That was a fundamental factor for becoming successful quickly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Franklin Karré for this. We live the KENSINGTON motto “Growing with each other” every day in Berlin.

Andreas Wittig


Berlin Centre/North
Wollankstraße 135
13187 Berlin
Districts: Hotspot districts Mitte / Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg / Pankow-Prenzlauer Berg + the district of Reinickendorf, characterised by forests and lakes.
2 showrooms: Pankow (at the town hall, since 2018), Tegel (since 2020) + opening of a third showroom in the course of the year in the capital office Berlin Mitte
13 Employees

There are currently 7 showrooms in Berlin and 3 planned new openings in 2021. In the long term, there are plans to open a total of 12 offices in the capital.

KENSINGTON Berlin service portfolio summary
Property purchase
Whether it’s your own home or a capital investment, buying a property is usually the biggest investment in your life and therefore also one of the most important decisions. There are many things to consider when buying, including location, size, price, personal taste and even how you feel emotionally about the property. KENSINGTON Berlin helps to find the right property in the German capital and dedicates time to responding clients’ individual requirements and needs. The services offered include the definition of investment goals, the selection of the desired residential area, a pre-selection of suitable properties, joint viewings, the preparation of appraisals, support with financing issues, price negotiations and the review of the notary contract.

Property sale
Statistically, higher sales prices are achieved when selling through an estate agent than through a private sale. The reason for this is that an estate agent is able to provide the best support for setting the best possible selling price, handling the numerous enquiries, conducting viewings and selecting a suitable buyer. This is also the case with KENSINGTON Berlin, which, as a reliable partner, facilitates a professional and timely sale. The appropriate sales strategy is worked out together with the property owner and the consultation in advance is free of charge and non-binding.

Property investment
With over 20 years of experience in marketing high-quality residential and investment properties, KENSINGTON Finest Properties International has a large global network and an exclusive client base from which the Berlin offices also benefit. The big plus is the access to attractive project developments and investment properties, which are mainly brokered off-market. After a prior background check, KENSINGTON provides solvent investors with access to suitable, high-yield projects and investment properties, establishes contact with recognised project developers, offers the expertise required for the realisation of property developments and ensures the appropriate security through cooperation with tax and legal experts.

The real estate company KENSINGTON is currently represented with 9 offices in Germany‘s capital.

Brief profile
KENSINGTON Finest Properties International
The aim of the estate agent franchise KENSINGTON Finest Properties International is to bring together creative, dynamic, sophisticated and well-connected individuals under the KENSINGTON brand name. Experienced property experts are connected with investors, buyers with sellers, real estate lovers with like-minded people and networkers with seekers. Together they form a unique, globally active estate agent network whose number of branches is constantly growing. For an overview of all updated locations, please visit www.kensington-international.com.