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Mediterranean Interior Dreams

“Home is not a place, but a feeling”

Mariana Muñoz

“Good design is for eternity” – This quote by Italian designer Alberto Alessi probably also served as a guiding principle for Argentine-born Mariana Muñoz when she launched her company Terraza Balear in 2010, which is now one of the leading interior design houses at both national and international level.

The company, based on the Spanish Balearic island of Mallorca, has been developing holistic Mediterranean-inspired interior design, interiors and environment concepts for more than 10 years, with the aim of creating cosy spaces that create a sense of well-being, tranquillity and harmony.

“We design spaces that blend with their surroundings, creating personalised, handcrafted homes that bear our distinctive signature. We create unique environments that evoke the purest sense of beauty, serenity and authenticity”, emphasises the managing director proudly.

Back in Autumn 2018, On Location reported on the woman who moved from being a former sports talent into a model entrepreneur and whose team now consists of 60 dedicated professionals who all have one thing in common: attention to detail, which in the end was probably the decisive factor in making Terraza Balear a force to be reckoned with, not only on the Balearic Islands but internationally.

Terraza Balear creates stunning nautical projects. The 44-metre Tatiana V gathers the Italian elegance and the Mediterranean spirit boasting top-of-the-market naval architecture

So, it is hardly surprising that the company represents exclusive brands such as Tribù, B&B Italia, Paola Lenti, Dedon, Flexform, FreiFrau and many others. With the general agency of the renowned Italian furniture manufacturer Minotti and the opening of the new flagship store in the centre of Palma, Terraza Balear could also set another important milestone in the company’s history at the beginning of 2021.

But it is not only on Mallorca that the Terraza Balear team is at the service of its international clientele: “In order to be close to our international clients, despite sometimes great distances, we have set up an exclusive project management platform as part of our determined commitment to innovation and excellence. This allows us to design interiors anywhere in the world. From stunning city lofts in Europe’s capitals to cosy holiday homes in the Swiss Alps, each location is perfect for experiencing beauty and luxury with a subtle Mediterranean touch”, explains Muñoz.

Further information and all offers at www.terrazabalear.com

P27 interior design project showcases Terraza Balear‘s signature creating spaces that deliver comfort and quality. Where Mediterranean relaxation meets Italian sophistication