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KENSINGTON Mergers & Acquisitions® – Perhaps the most extraordinary M&A concept in Europe

Jens Grasshoff - Managing Partner of the KENSINGTON M&A GmbH.
Jens Grasshoff – Managing Partner of the KENSINGTON M&A GmbH.

Together we are stronger – this has always been the principle of the KENSINGTON group of companies, which has been successfully established on the international real estate market for more than 23 years and is now represented at more than 86 locations worldwide. In order to expand the range of services for its international clientele, Mehrdad Bonakdar, founder of the KENSINGTON group of companies, and Jens Grasshoff, book author and proven M&A expert, founded KENSINGTON M&A GmbH at the beginning of 2020, which specialises in the brokerage of companies in German-speaking countries. Since 2021, the company, based in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland, has been asking interested applicants to become part of the network as franchise partners.

On Location met the managing partner of KENSINGTON M&A Jens Grasshoff for an interview to learn more about this innovative franchise system and its advantages.

ON LOCATION: What does Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) actually mean?

Jens Grasshoff: The term „mergers & acquisitions“ refers to the merging of two companies to form an independent economic unit („merger“) or the sale or purchase of an entire company („acquisition“). In the past 20 years, the transfer of medium-sized companies within the family has declined sharply in Europe. Whereas in 2000 a good 60% of all family businesses were passed on to heirs within the family, today this figure is just under 40%. This means that the importance of „non-family“ succession management is increasing more and more. Owners of medium-sized companies are increasingly confronted with the need to look for and find a suitable external buyer and successor for their business. In this context, the franchise partners of KENSINGTON Mergers & Acquisitions® offer their clients various services.

KENSINGTON M&A Power Workshop: Business at 2,500 m altitude in the Appenzellerland / Switzerland.
KENSINGTON M&A Power Workshop: Business at 2,500 m altitude in the Appenzellerland / Switzerland.

Exactly what services does KENSINGTON Mergers & Acquisitions® provide for its clients?

In a classic sales mandate, the KENSINGTON M&A specialist oversees the entire sales process from A to Z. This includes the preparation of the sales documents, the valuation of the company and a transparent and plausible determination of the sales price, the research for a suitable buyer / investor and their approach, the attendance of the negotiations and the intensive company audit by the buyer, up until the purchase agreement is signed and executed.

KENSINGTON Mergers & Acquisitions® relies on digitised processes, particularly in the search for the right buyer/investor, so that only those potential buyers are approached who are suitable for the company on offer.
In addition, KENSINGTON Mergers & Acquisitions® also works for companies that wish to expand through the targeted strategic acquisition of businesses. In this regard, the requirements of the targeted company (target) are discussed at the beginning of the mandate with the company wishing to acquire the other, especially the parameters that are important for implementing future strategic synergy potentials. In this way, the KENSINGTON M&A experts scout the market for attractive target companies on behalf of the client.

Since the end of 2021, KENSINGTON Mergers & Acquisitions® offers the opportunity to become part of the network as a franchise partner. Tell us more about it…

That is absolutely right. For almost a year now, KENSINGTON has been offering a new type of franchise system for future entrepreneurs who want to successfully gain a foothold in the M&A business. The response has been overwhelming, because within just a few weeks more than 200 interested parties have responded to our advertisements.

KENSINGTON Mergers & Acquisitions® provides its licensed partners with the entire infrastructure and the necessary know-how to operate successfully in the M&A business.

M&A knowledge management - the KENSINGTON M&A partners in the introduction seminar.
M&A knowledge management – the KENSINGTON M&A partners in the introduction seminar.

Is it right that future franchisees receive sound training in order to be optimally prepared for the tasks ahead?

Yes, that is correct. At the beginning of the franchise partnership, the programme includes an intensive, extremely demanding training course lasting several days and conducted by university lecturers. Here, every new M&A licensed partner is taught the 1×1 of the M&A business.

In addition, the in-house KENSINGTON M&A Academy offers a wide range of training courses, workshops and tutorials on the relevant and important topics for day-to-day M&A business, in which the KENSINGTON M&A licensed partners can continue their education. Regular virtual and face-to-face meetings also ensure the necessary exchange of knowledge and experience.

Knowledge management plays an important role in the strategy of KENSINGTON Mergers & Acquisitions® in order to be able to guarantee the highest possible standard of quality for the end client. Ultimately, every KENSINGTON M&A partner must have interdisciplinary business knowledge in order to be able to successfully handle the demanding M&A projects for their clients. We impart this necessary knowledge through our extensive training programme in order to enable each new partner to make a successful start in their sub-market.

What else can franchisees expect from KENSINGTON Mergers & Acquisitions®?

For the day-to-day M&A business, the KENSINGTON M&A licensed partner receives the most important tools in order to be able to present and organise the workflow systematically and in a targeted manner. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of matching options that enable the KENSINGTON M&A partner to find the ideal buyer or investor for his client within a reasonable period of time.
An important pillar of the KENSINGTON M&A system is, for example, the KENSINGTON M&A tool for the detailed valuation and purchase price determination for companies for sale. Here the advisor can determine a realistic purchase price for the owner on the basis of assets, earnings and liquidity, so that the entrepreneur knows from the outset what to expect in the event of a sale under current market conditions. The KENSINGTON M&A advisors offer this purchase price indicator to all entrepreneurs who are thinking of selling their business, without any obligation, before they place an order for the sale of their business with KENSINGTON Mergers & Acquisitions®.

Our vision, which we have been striving for since the founding of the company, has become reality and I am very confident that our concept will successfully spread and establish itself in Europe in the coming years!

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