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Flying High with LUXURIA

ON LOCATION met with Summer Syed, the Founder and CEO of LUXURIA, to learn more of her unique story and unparalleled experience in the private jet and lifestyle management industry. ‘It’s all about connecting, creating and elevating’, says Summer.

By Lotta Rahkola, Fotos By LUXURIA

Summer Syed, founder of International boutique lifestyle Luxuria.
Summer Syed, founder of International boutique lifestyle Luxuria.

Leveraging her extensive network of UHNWIs, royals and celebrities, Summer Syed took to the skies with LUXURIA, a Dubai based luxury experience and lifestyle management firm. With 15 years of experience in the Private Aviation field, the entrepreneur understands her clientele‘s need for a smooth, stress-free, upscale experience. But what makes this year and the current emerging market such a magical moment for LUXURIA and the private jet business?

“Chartering a private jet gives clients an opportunity to travel without the congestion and hassle of commercial air travel and access to tailor their journey to their needs,” Summer explains. In addition to enjoying a seamless experience, the demand for private jets has increased during the pandemic in order to be able to distance oneself from fellow passengers. According to Honeywell Aerospace’s latest report Global Business Aviation Outlook, the number of private jet flight hours is expected to rise by 50% compared to 2020, with the GCC region contributing a significant portion.


“For those with the means, private jets may be addictive, as it can be quite difficult to go back to commercial air travel after experiencing private jets”, Summer says. Providing an unmatched, one-stop shop experience, LUXURIA’s address book is star studded with actors like Will Smith, who regularly uses LUXURIA’s services when travelling.

This year, there is one event above the rest on LUXURIA’s horizon- the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. “We have something exceptional prepared for clients looking for the ultimate luxury experience”, says the business lady. Qatar will be the first Arab country to host the World Cup and it is also the smallest ever to do so, which poses both opportunities and challenges for the vast number of fans making their way to Qatar this year. The Qatari peninsula shares border with Saudi Arabia, with United Arab Emirates and Bahrain nearby. The size of the host country and its nestled location make for a perfect opportunity to nip over on a private jet, and to follow your favourite team under the pleasant, not too cold winter weather. Commercial airports are expected to be running at capacity, as the expected 1.5 million international visitors touch down in Doha. Perfectly timed for the world class sporting event, LUXURIA has just signed up a Global Express and an Airbus A320 with 60 all business-class seats for a charter management out of DWC.

LUXURIA has designed an extravagant experience for wealthy football fans travelling to Qatar, which includes a private jet flight, a luxurious hotel night in Dubai and in Qatar, premium chauffeured services to top restaurants, and yacht charters. This list is but a small glimpse into the full array of services available at LUXURIA.

The firm’s services range from creating bespoke travel experiences to sourcing and curating luxury real estate and super yacht charters, as well as facilitating celebrity endorsement projects and acquisition of luxury goods.

Keeping an ear to the ground, LUXURIA is one of the first private jet company to accept cryptocurrency for all its private jet and lifestyle services, welcoming the growing number of wealthy individuals transitioning over to cryptocurrencies not only for investment but for purchases as well.

Partnering with LUXURIA to provide a platform for cryptocurrency payments is HAVYN, a regulated platform that has strong roots in traditional finance. This means that clients can now opt to pay for LUXURIA services with crypto, confidently, and securely.

For the near future, Summer Syed is looking over to the futuristic city of NEOM in Saudi Arabia, where another LUXURIA branch will be opened. Although her day to day involves luxury and high ticket prices, she has a philanthropic mission as well, she is in talks to build an orphanage in Afghanistan and to assist up and coming female Emirati entrepreneurs in the business world. She says she feels deeply and wants to give back to the country that nurtured her into what she is and what she has today.

When asked what she would say to a young entrepreneur in the current market, she doesn’t hesitate.

“You must love wholeheartedly what you do and find a way to successfully market your business. Don’t let fear or failure freeze you. I found that success isn’t built on success. It is built on failure and frustration. I am grateful for my failures as they turned out to be my best learning experiences.”

For LUXURIA, the forecast is looking like
clear blue skies.

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